2 October 2013

Restaurant Le Tsalè, Les Paccots

la meilleur fonfue le tsalé vaud
Le Tsalè restaurant, Les Paccots. Last weekend we've been to this restaurant on our way to Fribourg. Some friends gave us the recommendation, It's really well-known in the Suisse romande when you're talking about fondue. We tried to have dinner there once last winter, but without doing a reservation before, it was impossible, completely full, and they talked to us like if we were nuts for having gone without booking in advance! This time we phoned before going, It was last Saturday, a really sunny day, and we went at 14.00 h. an hour a bit strange for eating, so we didn't have any problem with the reservation (for dinner time they already had a table for 60 people!) 

Le Tsalè restaurante, Les Paccots, Fribourg. El pasado fin de semana fuimos a este restaurante en nuestro camino a Friburgo. Algunos amigos nos lo habían recomendado, así que nos presentamos allí un domingo el invierno pasado, pero estaba lleno. Nos dijeron que si estábamos locos por ir sin reservar! Esta vez llamamos antes de ir, reservamos a las 14:00, una hora algo extraña pero así no tuvimos problemas para la reserva, por la tarde noche ya estaba llena con una mesa para 60 personas!

le tsalé les paccots edelweiss restaurant les paccots le tsalé restaurant cheese fondue very good
This is an old picture of the building. They have conserved the same roof, made with wood, and the old farm. 

We were told about the fondue, so we tried it! We also ordered "croûte au frômage", and a typical sausage with vegetables. Everything was really good, the fondue was not salty, very soft, so we weren't disappointed. You should always cheese fondue with white wine! We were said if you do it with water it can makes your stomach hurt (for kids some tea)

Esta es una imagen antigua del restaurante. Ha conservado el mismo tejado, hecho de madera y toda la granja. Nos hablaron de la fondue, así que la probamos, además de "croûte au fromage" y una salchica típica con verduras. Todo estuvo realmente bueno, la fondue no estaba salada (como ocurre algunas veces) así que no nos decepcionó. Recordad si tomais fondue tomarla siempre con vino blanco!

les paccots manger eat typical interior restaurant le tsalè reservation le tsalè suisse reserver
The restaurant was charming, everything made in wood, with a lot of details, some edelweiss flowers dried (a flower very typical from Switzerland), cowbells, and a huge fondue at the entrance. As we went on a sunny day we ate outside, where the tables were not so beautiful. The phone number is 021 948 07 00.  You could also find more info in the official swiss tourism website http://www.myswitzerland.com/fr-ch/chalet-restaurant-le-tsale-1061m.html.

El restaurante tiene mucho encanto, todo hecho en madera, con muchos detalles como algunas "edelweiss" secas sobre un muro (la flor típica de Suiza), cencerros y un gran recipiente para hacer la fondue en la entrada. Como fuimos un día soleado comimos fuera, dónde las mesas no estaban tan cuidadas. El teléfono para reservar es 021 948 0700. Nos vemos la semana que viene!

edelweiss restaurant les paccots

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